Carnival Funfairs
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Points you need to know:

The amusement park equipment will be transported to the grounds, set up, operated and controlled by permanent trained staff under the full time supervision and guidance of the manager.


Carnival Funfairs owns its own fleet of trucks and trailers. Our fully trained drivers transport all the rides to the designated sites.


The amusement park takes 1 or 2 weeks to erect and 1 or 2 weeks to take down. We require one toilet and a water point, and our staff control the tickets and the rides.


Carnival Funfairs has its own sound system that operates independently for the funfair.


Power Supply and Space:

The power requirements will depend on what equipment you will be hiring from Carnival Funfairs. The entire amusement park requires three phase electricity of 250 amps.


The space required will also depend on what equipment you are hiring, but our full funfair needs 75 x 50 meters (half a rugby field) level ground, without trees, terraces, slopes or poles.


Safety Documents:

All Health and Safety documants are available on request.


Legal Information:

Our Ride Admission policy has been developed with the help of a biodynamic engineer and recommendations of the ride manufacturers. Our policy is based upon our past experience and our knowledge of each ride in both normal and emergency operating conditions. Our prime consideration is your ability to endure the dynamics of a ride without risk of injury to yourself, other riders, or team members. Every ride is evaluated for specific rider requirements.


All funfair equipment is fully insured and operated by extremely competent and friendly staff.


We will meet all requirements as laid down by the rules and regulations stipulated by the Department of Labour.


All relevant documentation will be supplied to the factory inspectors of both the mechanical and electrical sections three days before the start of the funfair.


Carnival Funfairs is fully insured for public liability.


Carnival Funfairs permanently employs a fully qualified Health and Safety officer, Mr. Herman van der Merwe.

His qualifications are as follows:

• Shamtac

• Registered Health and Safety Representative

• Advanced Astrac course

• Training Licence

• General Health and Safety

• Auditors for Health and Safety

• Oshact

• Registered training with department